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The ellwood atfield gallery dedicates its current exhibitions to the memory of the journalists and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo and the right of all journalists and cartoonists to freely express themselves, irrespective of any offence they may cause. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families, friends, and colleagues who have lost love ones.

We are proud to be hosting the Political Cartoon of the Year exhibition where political cartoonists from all the major UK newspapers are represented. We are also proud of our current exhibition “Assassins: When Cartoonists Hit Their Mark”. We believe cartoonists have the right to offend, as well as entertain. Everyone is welcome to visit the gallery.

Je Suis Charlie



The Ellwood Atfield Gallery is delighted to again host the annual Political Cartoon of the Year Awards. All the award entries and the winners are below, click on each cartoon for a closer look.

Running alongside the Awards is the exhibition Assassins: when cartoonists hit their mark, both will be displayed until 27 February 2015.

Assassins: when cartoonists hit their mark

Readers of newspapers generally enjoy political cartoons. Most think of them as a light hearted visual relief from the pages and pages of serious text – politicians say they enjoy them too. However, what happens when a cartoonist manages to depict our political leaders in a way they do not appreciate? This exhibition presents a series of political cartoons that have caused their subjects to respond publicly and in some cases, retaliate.

Political Cartoon of the year Awards 2014

The UK’s leading cartoonists from all the national press will gather to celebrate and commiserate with the winners and losers. There are two awards, the Political Cartoonist of the Year and the Political Cartoon of the Year. The results will be announced by our guest of honour Jeremy Paxman, at the award ceremony on 2 December. The winning cartoons will be on display after the awards until February 2015.


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Award Winners

Brian Adcock - The Independent
Winner, Political Cartoon of the Year
Peter Schrank - The Independent on Sunday
Runner up, Political Cartoon of the Year
Peter Brookes - The Times
Winner, Political Cartoonist of the Year

Award Entries

Andy Davey - The Sun
Ben Jennings - The Guardian
Blue Lou - Morning Star
Bob Moran - The Daily Telegraph
Chris Duggan - The Times
Chris Riddell - The Observer
Christian Adams - The Daily Telegraph
Dave Brown - The Independent
David Simonds - The Observer
Ingram Pinn - Financial Times
Kevin Kallaugher 'KAL' - The Economist
Martin Rowson - The Guardian
Morten Morland - The Times
Paul Thomas - Daily Express
Robert Amos - The Morning Star
Scott Clissold - Sunday Express
Stan McMurty 'Mac' - Daily Mail
Stephen Bell - The Guardian
Steve Bright - The Sun
Gary Barker - The Times
Patrick Blower – The Daily Telegraph