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Annual Political Cartoon Awards

29 November 2016

political cartoon awards 2016

Another fantastic evening celebrating the UK’s leading cartoonists with over 500 guests from across the National Press, Members of Parliament and our many friends from the PR and Communications industry. A huge thank you to our guests of honour Rt Hon Ed Balls and Lord Paddy Ashdown for announcing this year’s winners.

Annual Political Cartoon Awards

1 December 2015

political cartoon awards 2015

Rt. Hon Nick Clegg, “You’re all bast*rds. Every single one of you.”
Our guest of honour, the Rt. Hon Nick Clegg, fondly addressing the political cartoonists at the awards ceremony in December, after reminding us that they have depicted him as a single yellow line, a pantomime horse and likened him to a Great British Bake Off cake with a soggy bottom. We’ve captured the best bits of the night for you to enjoy...

how to win (or lose) an election! the greatest hits, and misses, of election propaganda

24 March – 6 November 2015

how to win (or lose) an election! the greatest hits, and misses, of election propaganda

General elections are fought and won on the ground, constituency-by-constituency, doorstep-to-doorstep, as well as in the air, in print, broadcast and social media, through posters, leaflets, big speeches, stunts and rallies...

Annual Political Cartoon Awards

4 November - 27 February 2015

political cartoon awards 2014

The Ellwood Atfield Gallery was delighted to again host the annual Political Cartoon of the Year Awards, running alongside the Awards is the exhibition Assassins: when cartoonists hit their mark...


13 May – 24 October 2014

royalty, politics and war: the art
of the

Award-winning photographer and co-owner of i-Images Picture Agency, Andrew Parsons has spent his career capturing the political campaigns that have shaped our country today. Parsons is well known for his visual documentation of David Cameron’s political life, including an inside view into the historic coalition talks following the General Election in 2010. Parsons was also photographer to Boris Johnson during his mayoral campaign in 2012...

communicate: Five years of communication

November - December 2013

Five years of communication

We were delighted to mark the five year anniversary of Communicate magazine. Since 2008, the magazine has written about corporate social media before the world had adopted Twitter. It has covered the reputational risks of tax management before the mainstream press set their hounds loose on the treasury departments of global companies, it has organised conferences and written about reputation in the oil industry before the Deepwater Horizon incident...

Annual Political Cartoon Awards

December 2013

political cartoon awards 2013

The Political Cartoon of the Year Awards, presented annually by the Political Cartoon Society saw the UK’s leading cartoonists from all the national press gather to celebrate and commiserate with the winners and losers. The results were announced by Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, former Chief Whip, at a party on 3 December 2013...

after leveson: two views of the press

May to mid-October 2013

after leveson:
two views of the press

On 13 JULY 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron launched the Leveson Inquiry into the activities and ethics of the press. The following November the inquiry released a 2000-page report summarising its concerns about the current system of press regulation and its recommendations for the future of the British press...


October to April 2013

authenticity -
want it, got it,
lost it

The ellwood atfield gallery's first exhibition was supported by the Press Association. Authenticity lies at the heart of successful communications. It can be hard to define, but we know it when we see it. Although we might not agree with the substance and content of the message...

Annual Political Cartoon Awards

December 2012

political cartoon awards 2012

On 4th December we hosted The Political Cartoon Society’s annual awards. The UK’s leading cartoonists from all the national press gathered to celebrate and commiserate with the winners and losers...